Need to Clean Your Memory Foam Mattress?

Have you ever come across a mattress in your house that’s been there for years, and you couldn’t believe how dirty it truly was underneath the sheets and covers? Well, don’t worry. We’ve been there, too, so we wanted to share some thoughts with you to help ease your mind and solve your pesky problem.

First thing’s first.

Make sure you remove the covers and sheets and throw them right in the wash. Depending on the size washing machine and dryer in your home, you might get a better result taking it to the dry cleaner in your area. It will likely cost you a good $30 to $40, but isn’t it worth it? The alternative is to either sleep in dirt, or buy a new set of linens. We all know that wouldn’t be cheap. With prices these days, you’d have to sell your auto to get that kind of cash! In all seriousness, though, if you need to find a buyer, we know of a great car broker in The Woodlands, TX who will give you the best price if you need to liquidate your ride.

After you’ve had the chance to get your linens spic and span, you’ll want to let the mattress air out for at least an hour or two. Not to get too detailed here, but your sweat from the night’s sleep is likely matted down into the mattress, and some breathing room for the bed is only going to help.

While you’re letting the air do it’s thing, take advantage of that time and go down to your local market to get some cleaning supplies. We could suggest specific brand names, but to be honest, it is wise to ask the clerk or salesperson at the store and explain exactly the type of stain(s) or situation you have come across. This article is merely intended to provide you with generic steps and a basic process for cleaning your memory foam mattress.

If you have a very bad stain or something that isn’t easily removed by cleaning supplied, try calling the store or site where you originally purchased the mattress. The people working there are actually experts in this space, and chances are they have seen or heard something like your story before. Unless of course they are brand new to the memory foam mattress industry. But no matter who you talk to, if they have some level of customer service mindset, they will be glad to chat with you about best practices when it comes to cleaning your mess properly.

Lastly, as you might have guessed by now, this is going to take some time. So if your schedule is such that you just cannot fit in the time to do it right, just outsource it. Search the web for a local service professional who is willing to help you out. Make sure it’s someone trustworthy, or just tell a friend or family member that you’re willing to pay them or their teenager to do all of this for you. You’ll be glad you did.

Isn’t a great night’s sleep worth it?

We certainly think so, and we believe you’ll enjoy waking up knowing you invested the effort in making sure you and your loved ones are clean!

Some helpful hints for those interested in our advice on mattresses

Memory foam is made from a substance called viscoelasic. It is because the foam is flexible and elastic and its ingredients contribute in increasing its viscosity making it dense and thicker. The memory foam is used for variety of purposes; one such purpose is in making mattresses. These mattresses offer a number of benefits and are easy to use. Take a look at its features!

  1. FAST RECOVERY: The memory foam mattresses have a capability to return to its original shape speedily after the weight is removed from it. These type of mattresses stay in the original form for longer durations and are not bent after regular use. The mattresses which are produced without this foam becomes thin and hard as the time goes by but the ones manufactured with memory foam stay fresh and thick for as long as they are used.
  2. ENHANCE SLEEP: Memory foam measures the heat and pressure created by the weighted object. This helps in distributing the body weight evenly on the foam. No part of the body is excessively pressured and lies evenly on the surface. Therefore it provides a sound sleep because of its denser but supportive structure.
  3. RELIEVES PAIN: Memory foam is equipped with the art of supporting the body with curves and natural lines. This means that no part of the body stays without support whole night. This foam naturally softens the appropriate points which relieves the pain occurred due to improper postures. The pain in back, neck and spine are a rare phenomenon among people who use memory foam mattresses.
  4. COMFORTABLE: Memory foam mattresses have different types of densities. The comfort measure varies from person to person. Some prefer sleeping on the hard surface while some on soft. Memory foam is soft but at the same time the density defines the hardness. So memory foam mattresses are the perfect choice for comfortable sleep both for adults and infants.
  5. EEG BALANCED: The electrical activity undergoing in the brains is measured by Electroencephalogram (EEG). This test is the evidence to reflect the true mirror of sleep experience of people. It has been found in EEG reports of many people who slept on memory foam mattresses that the electrical low of activities in their brain is balanced and regulated. Thus efficient sleep on efficient mattresses goes a long way in improving the performance and personality of people.
  6. FOR ALL WEATHER: some mattresses release a lot of heat during warm season or summers which makes it difficult for the person to sleep. But the memory foam mattresses are suitable for all weather. It gets warmed in winters and maintains its cooler side in summers. Recently there has been a massive amount of rain and wind all across the U.S., so it has cooled down the temperature inside many homes, and thus, your mattress likely feels cooler as well now. So after all of the day’s activities, whether it be working inside an office at a desk, or outside in the community trimming trees that have fallen during the storms, you can go enjoy a nice rest on a memory foam flatbed.
  7. EASY TO CLEAN: These foam mattresses are quite easy to clean. The dust particles that rest on its surface can be removed by vacuuming its surface. The mattresses should be exposed to air before putting sheets so as to release all sorts of heat and dust particles and to make it refreshing again.

Thus these lightweight and easy to handle mattresses can give you a wonderful gift of relaxing sleep!

The wonderful world of the memory foam mattress

What is a Memory Foam Mattress?

Memory Foam is a foam made from polyurethane. The mattress gets its name from the molding that occurs when the foam reacts to a person’s body heat.

History of Memory Foam

In 1966, NASA’s Ames Research Center was looking to improve the comfort and safety of aircraft cushions. It created the foam by feeding a gas into a polymer matrix. When conducting tests, researchers noticed that the foam sprung back to original form after something had been pressed against it. This was a success, and after its use in aircraft applications, NASA worked with Dynamic Systems, Inc. to sell the form commercially. Initially, the product was sold in things such as medical equipment, table pads, and sports equipment to ensure safety.

Memory foam was too expensive initially for the public. The product had a hard time going more mainstream, as many companies did not want to take a risk on its promises. One company did, however, Fagerdala World Foams, and which eventually went onto create its leading product, what we know today as Tempur-Pedic. For all of you who own these types of mattresses, you know full well that sleeping on one is very much like the heavenly feeling of sun tanning yourself on a beach or by the comfort of your own home inside the safe boundaries of a nice cozy fence around your pool with a slight breeze on your browning face. But it’s almost better because you won’t sweat at all, as you’ll be inside your bedroom in the air conditioning.

Innovations over time such as gel memory foam products that control heat as needed were created. To control odor, things like charcoal, aloe vera (which can also be used right after you spend too much time by that cozy pool ;), and green tea were added to the gel memory foam, as well as bamboo to control moisture levels in the mattress. Today, we are open to more and more options with the memory foam mattress, as it continues to grow in its innovation.

Memory Foam Today

Today, memory foam is used for many commercial and non-commercial uses, aside from it’s popularity as strictly a mattress product.

In the medical world, memory foam is commonly used with patients who must remain in bed for long periods of time, so that pressure is relieved, as it normally wouldn’t with an everyday mattress. Things like sores, and body aches are reduced with this mattress. It is also used for things such as wheelchair cushions and pillows to help with neck and back problems in patients.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Memory Foam

Today, we are able to use the material for our own at home comfort. Memory foam is often associated with a more restful sleep, less pain and increased relaxation in its customers. A great advantage of the foam is its versatility in many products. In addition to mattresses, it is used in pillows, blankets, pads, and chairs for everyday use. In addition, for your satisfaction, many mattress companies allow you to test and send back things such as mattresses and mattress products, if you are not completely satisfied with their quality. This will save you both time and money in the mattress world.

Though memory foam does have its advantages, there a select few disadvantages of the product in general. Many may not know that emissions given off by the mattress can cause irritation in different body systems. Things such as headaches, dizziness and respiratory irritation are possible and do occur. Also, if you are a caretaker, it is important to take heed when leaving children or small babies on memory foam unattended, as they may suffocate. They may find hard to move around as needed on the material. In addition, memory foam in general can also lose its elasticity over time, if it is not adjusted properly to body weight and shape. This can be a disadvantage for any mattress buyer.