Evolving the way we sleep with elastic foam technology

One of the best mattress technologies today is the viscos elastic foam technology. This can be seen in memory foam mattresses. They are touted as the best mattresses that can prevent back pain and pressure sores. But despite the numerous benefits of memory foam, they can be quite expensive. You would want to prevent it from deteriorating fast. Let me tell you a couple of ideas on how to prolong the life of your memory foam mattress:


1. Try using a sturdy platform for your mattress. If your bed frame does not have a box spring, you might want to purchase one. Box springs can add height to the mattress. This can also protect your bed from sagging and dipping.

2. If you are using a platform, make sure the slats have about half an inch of space in between them. Memory foams tend to absorb heat easily from around the room and from your body. That being said, these mattresses can turn hot and uncomfortable. Moreover, they might encourage the appearance of molds inside. The spaces in between the slats can allow better air circulation. This will keep the mattress cool and fresh.

3. Clean your bed regularly. One of the reasons why memory beds are popular is because they are not prone to the accumulation of dust mites. However, it is still advisable to regularly vacuum the whole bed set. Dust mites can still accumulate in the wooden slats.

4. Try sprinkling baking soda on the mattress. This can help diffuse unwanted odor. Let the baking soda work in removing odor for about an hour. After an hour, vacuum the mattress.

5. Use comfortable bed covers to protect your memory bed from spills. If you frequently eat or drink while sitting on the bed, you need a bed cover to avoid staining the mattress.
Choose those bed covers made from comfortable materials. The plastic ones can get too stifling.

6. You might want to invest in a thin mattress topper. Mattress toppers help improve the comfort level of your primary bed. In addition to that, they also help prevent mattress sagging and dipping.

7. Try rotating or flipping your mattress at least twice a year. This will even out wear and tear. King-sized mattresses tend to sag easily on its center. This is why you have to flip it to the other side to prevent this from happening.

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